Description RVT8CG RVT16CG RVT30CG
Max. drilling capacity in steel (400N/mm) M3 - M8 M8 - M16 M10 x 1.5P - M30x3.5P
Spindle type PB 16/ER16 PB 20/ER20 PB 28
Spindle Power in kw 0.37 /1440 0.75/720rpm 1.5
Speed range in rpm 420,760,1340 155/285/515 200,100,50
Pitch Range in TPI 32,28,27,24,20,19,18, 16, 14,13,12,11,10 32,28,27,24,20,19,18, 16, 14,13,12,11,10 16,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6
Quill Travel in mm 60 65 65
Distance between spindle center to column in mm (Approx) 220 280 300
Spindle to table min /max in mm (Approx) 100 -350 100 -450 100 -450
Table size in mm 300 x 260 330 x 330 360 x 340
Machine dim ( L x B x H) in mm (Approx) 600x 750 x 1000 675 x 865 x 1200 675 x 865 x 1200
Machine weight in kg 270 300 330

Percision Pitch Control Through Gears

Pitch Control gears feed the tap at the rate of one thread per revolution, with repeatability of stroke within 1/5 pitch of thread.Compared to leadscrew drive,change gears wear less.There is no reverse cut or pulling force during return stroke of the spindle thus ensuring smooth finish.

Work Piece and Tool Safety

A dual clutch system prevents tool breakage in case of spindle overload due to undersized or missing holes.


Can be mounted multi spindle Tapping head
Adjustable quill travel length
Precisely bored, coned, plated quill bore Grounded plated quill
Grounded plated quill
Hardened and grounded spindle Thread grounded spindle
Thread grounded spindle
Spindle nose thread grounded for repeated and easy tool changing
Adjustable column for wide range fixture accommodation
Ideal for productivity through multi spindle drilling and single drilling
Graded cast iron housing fine machined and bored Dual clutch system prevents tap breakage,
Wide range inch and mm tapping possible by changing gears


Machine cabinet
Machine Stand
Peck Tapping attachment
Electrical panel
Coolant system
Pneumatic linear table attachment

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