Cooling Plate Friction Stir Welding Machine

Model - FSWM20CN


Ergonomically designed, Steel fabricated Stress relieved fine machined and scrapped base,column and X, Y slides
Wedge locked Heavy Duty Linear motion roller guide ways
Precision class double nut ball screws
ABEC 5 Precision Cartridge Type Friction stir welding bearing configuration BT 50 spindle
Centralized Auto lubrication system
BT50 FSW Tool holder with tool point temperature measuring system
Thermostatically controlled spindle chiller , helps moderate spindle thermal growth and expansion and tightning of the bearing raceways

Model FSWM20CN
Work Table 700 mm x 400 m
T slot 3 x 18 on 100 mm centre
Table on load 3000 kg
Spindle to Table min -max 100mm to 400m
Spindle Type Cartridge Spindle
Spindle Taper BT5
Spindle Power 11KW/440V Servo
Spindle RPM Max 3000 RPM
Spindle Nose to Table (max – min) 100 mm to 400 m
Drive Ratio 1:2
X-Axis 600 mm
Y-Axis 400 mm
Z-Axis 400 mm
Z-Axis Force Max 20 kN
X and Y Axis Force Max 10kN
X and Y Axis speed Max 5000 mm/min
Z-Axis Speed Max 2000 mm/min
Centralized auto Lubrication 3 Lit tank cap centralized auto lubricatio
CONTROLLER - MITSUBISHI M80 with 2D NC programming option 10.4 ” Touch Screen Position Force and Temperature mode controller With 2D NC programming option
REAL TIME DATA ACQUISITION SOFTWARE Spindle rpm torque, axis force and velocity against time
Machine dimension LBH 3000 mm x 2000 mm x 2500 mm
Machine power 25 KVA/440V v/50Hz
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