Motor Body Drilling Tapping SPM

No of Axis : 3(LH, RH & REAR),
No of Operations : 16Nos
LH : Drill Ø10.5x1No, drill Ø3.3 x 3Nos
RH : Drill Ø10.5x1No, drill Ø2.2mm x 4Nos
Rear : Drill Ø10.5x1No, drill Ø6.8mm x 1No,Drill Ø3.3x5Nos
Cycle time : 20Sec

  E - Broucher
  E - Broucher
  E - Broucher

Stage Casing Drilling Tapping SPM

No of Operation : 12
Drill : Ø5.1mm x 6 Nos,
Tap : M6 x 6Nos,
Cycle time : 15Sec

Motor Body Cover Drilling Tapping SPM

Part : Motor Body Cover
Units of Operation : 9
Drill : Ø6.7mm x 3Nos
Drill : Ø4.1 x 3Nos
Tap : ØM5 x 3Nos
Cycle Time : 20Sec

Diffuser Casing Drilling Tapping SPM

Part : Diffuser Casing
No of Operation : 8
Drill : Ø5.1 x 4Nos
Cycle Time : 15Sec

Motor Body Boring SPM

Inner Dia - Ø106 x Deep22mm
Outer Dia - Ø114 x Deep2mm and Facing
Inner Dia - Ø105 x Deep94.5mm
Ø105.2 x Deep39mm
Ø106 x 6mm
Outer Dia - Ø114 x Deep2mm and Facing
Cycle Time - 120 Sec

Oil Housing Drilling SPM

No of Operation : 7
Drill : Ø22 x 3mm deep 4 Nos (v)
Drill : Ø5mm x 2Nos (h),
Drill : Ø5mm x 1No(inclined)
Cycle time : 30Sec