Drilling Self-Feeder (Pneumatic)

Drilling Self-Feeder (NC)

Tapping Self-Feeder

Description RVD 6-60-P-S RVD 12-80-P-S RVD 12-125-P-S RVD 20-125-P-S
Max. drilling capacity in steel (400N/mm) 6mm 12mm 12mm 20mm
Spindle bore PB16mm/MT1/ ER16 PB20mm/MT1/ER 20 PB20mm/MT1/ ER20 PB20mm/MT2/ ER32
Spindle motor 0 . 3 7Kw/2880rpm 0.75kw 0.75kw 1.1kw
Spindle speed 2800 to 6000 rpm 1400rpm 1400rpm 1400rpm
Total travel 60mm 80mm 125mm 125mm
Working travel 25mm 25mm 25mm 25mm
Thrust force kgf 164@6 kgcm2 240@6 kgcm2 240@6 kgcm2 395@6 kgcm2

Description RVT 16-60(leadscrew)
Max. drilling capacity in steel (400N/mm) M5 x .8 to 16 x 2
Spindle bore MT 2 /PB 20
Spindle Power .75 kW 1.1 kw
Speed Range 400/750/1300 318/265/200
Pitch range M5x0.8 toM8x 1.25 M8 X1.25 to M 16 X 2
Quill Travel 70mm


Ideal for low cost automation

Can be mounted multi spindle drill head

Built in cylinder

High rapid speed

Adjustable rapid and feed travel length

Adjustable feed rate

Precisely bored, coned, plated cylinders

Hardened and grounded spindle

Thread grounded spindle

Spindle nose thread grounded for repeated and easy tool changing


Peck drilling attachment

Pneumatic fittings

Electrical panel

Coolant system