RVD 12-125-H

RVD 20-125-H

RVD 25-300-H

RVD 40-300-H

Description RVD 12-125-H RVD 20-125-H RVD 25-300-H RVD 40-300-H
Max. drilling capacity in steel (400N/mm) 12mm 20mm 25mm 40mm
Spindle bore PB20mm/MT1/ER20 PB20mm/MT2/ER32 BT40 BT40
Spindle motor 0.75kw/
1.1kw/700 1.1kw/1400 1.5kw/700 1.5kw/1400 2.2kw/700 2.2kw/1400
Spindle speed 530/720/ 1100 1060/1140/ 2200 320/400/530 640/800/1060 50/350/450 500/700/900 160/195/275 320/380550
Total travel 125mm 125mm 300mm 300mm
Working travel 36mm 60mm 75mm 120mm
Thrust force kgf 400@10kgcm2 660@10 kgcm2 821@30 kgcm2 1202@30 kgcm2
Table size 260 x 300mm 360 X 325mm 300 x 350mm 300 x 350mm
Distance between table to spindle 260 - 600mm 200 - 600mm 300 - 650mm 300 - 650mm
Distancr between spindle centre to column front 180mm 220mm 275mm 275mm
Machine dimension (LXBXH) 575 x 715 x 2035mm 675 x 865 x 2150mm 1410 x 720 x 2260mm 1410 x 720 x 2260mm


Ideal for production

Ideal for multi spindle and single spindle drilling

Adjustable rapid and feed travel

Precisely bored, coned, plated cylinder

Hardened and grounded cylinder

Thread grounded spindles

Spindle nose grounded for repeated and easy tool changing

Precisely balanced pulleys

Fabricated cabinet with built in tank and chip tray

Adjustable column for wide range fixture accommodation

Ideal for productivity through multi spindle drilling and single drilling

Branded electrical and hydraulic items


Peck drilling attachment

Coolant system

Auto coolant system

Part counter

Tool breakage sensor

Hydraulic linear table attachment

Rotary table attachment

Part holding jig and fixture